JVZoo Opinion

Jul 19

Hey guys I don't buy JVZoo apps anymore, the whole show is just a joke. “Lifetime access” to buggy, inadequate software –  pays for the launch startup. They fix the app's bugs and add the promised assets and THEN sell it to the so-called lifetime members as “different” software (Version 2) at retail.  Todd Gross is a two bit...

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Free 47 Page Koi Nutrition E Book When you Subscribe to Free Once a Month Newsletter

May 04

Subscribe here – And you'll get download links to your free 47 Page Ebook on “How and What to Feed Your Koi” which you can print, or even read online as a free Flipbook, on any device. Mobile or...

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New Resources

Apr 27

Without taking too much of your time, let me show you some new resources, which are of benefit to Dog, Cat, Koi and Pondfish Lovers.  I did a page and a video on dental cleaning in dogs and WHY – it's not just cosmetic in fact that's secondary: It's actually the comfort of the dog to eliminate / control dental disease with recession of the gum line...

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pH Pill To Sustain pH and Prevent pH Crash

Apr 09

How To Support pH in Aquatic Systems like ponds and aquaria with more convenience and even better residual safety. There are two videos on Youtube done by Dr. Erik Johnson regarding a way to make a pH Buffer into a pill form, that slowly dissolves to support pH and prevent pH Crash. A real thing. It's as easy as making pills of Plaster of Paris but then again,...

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The Truth – My Second Marriage Was Just Me Being Used.

Apr 04

My second marriage was driven by an issue of hardship for the mother. She had lost her husband to prison, and suddenly had inadequate income to support their four kids. So before her husband had even been sentenced, she was on EHarmony and picked me out. She researched my veterinary license and checked me out on social media to make sure that I was a strong earner,...

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The Major Koi and Goldfish Viruses in Readable Format

Apr 01

I don't think Koi and Goldfish viruses could be covered better than the following documents. These are things I found online visiting some sites while I got my USDA/accreditation. They open as flip books. You have to have Flash but they open plain, Flash, regular and mobile. Pretty neat.  The viruses covered include Spring viremia, the Herpes Viruses. Koi and...

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Exactly How Cannabis Kills Cancer Cells

Mar 26

Exactly How Cancer Cells are Killed by THC / Cannabis I'll explain how cannabis (THC) tetrahydrocannabinol kills cancer cells. It's amazing. It doesn't work on slow-dividing cells, but works quite well on the softer, smaller and more rapidly growing cancers. Especially in areas where surgery is poorly considered. As an adjunct to ANY cancer therapy,...

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